Lights! Camera! Training! The-step-by-step guide for unleashing your inner performer to excite, energize and entertain your learners!

  • Tuesday, December 05, 2017
  • 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
  • Virtual



Like most L&D professionals, we run into the same challenges over and over again:

- Content that learners don't find interesting

- The struggle to keep learner's attention spans

And much of that struggle comes from one simple reality - in 2017, people demand to be entertained at all times. The smartphone revolution has shortened already-limited attention spans, so it's our job to be more interesting, more exciting, and more fascinating than anything on their phones.

This webinar will help you do just that!

We'll solve the problem of boring training by re-framing your mind from "trainer" to "entertainer", learn techniques to make any dry content interesting and employ stage techniques to energize your learners.

Facilitated by Award-Winning Comedian Geoff Woliner, this revolutionary workshop will change the way you see yourself as a trainer, and ensure your learners are every bit as excited about your content as you are!

About the Speaker:

Geoff Woliner - As a longtime stand-up comedian and expert in presentation skills, facilitation, sales, recruiting and association development, Geoff used this experience to create the framework of his company, Winning Wit, whose mission is "We Write. You Deliver. They Love it." Recognized as a leader in comedic speechwriting and coaching, Geoff has worked with CEO's, law firms, entrepreneurs, private groups and individuals across every industry to help them successfully tell their stories to the world. And having worked as the National Chapter Manager for ATD, he has a deep understanding of the L&D landscape and a passion for helping professionals in this industry thrive. Most of all, Geoff operates on one core principle: Your success is his success.

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