ATD Buffalo Niagara Events 

September - June is the ATD Buffalo Niagara program year. During this time the chapter presents at least 10 events. Our sessions include local and national speakers who present on a variety of learning and development topics relevant to the talent development field. Sessions typically include breakfast and provide attendees an opportunity to share ideas, solve problems and explore partnering in learning and performance improvement opportunities. Each meeting affords members and guests an opportunity to network. Check out our year-at-a-glace and register for an upcoming event!

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Year: 2016

1January, 2016
Jan 20 January Program - Play 2 Learn
Feb 09 February 2016 Program - Positive Psychology: Tips for Training and Development
Mar 08 March Dinner Event - “Developing the Next Generation of Leaders - The Millennial Leader”
Mar 15 March SIG: Icebreakers
Apr 13 April Webinar: Inclusion Inspires Innovation
Apr 14 April SIG: Activities & Energizers
Apr 18 Bringing Creativity to the Classroom
May 13 Creating and Conducting Training that Sticks
May 19 May Evening Event - Using the Power of the Coach-Approach
Jun 08 June SIG: Effective Debriefs
Jul 20 2016 Summer Social
Aug 25 Daemen College - Summer 2016 Book Talk with Therese Huston
Sep 14 Bridging the Skills Gap: Workforce Development Is Everyone's Business (10016)
Sep 21 CANCELED SIG: Just Say Yes -- To The Phone (51116)
Sep 30 Coffee & Connections (30116)
Oct 05 DisruptHR Buffalo
Oct 12 Tech What the Heck! (01116)
Oct 19 BookMark: Connection Culture (22116)
Oct 28 Coffee & Connections (30216)
Nov 09 Connection Culture: A Proven Path to Boost Employee Engagement, Productivity and Innovation (12116)
Nov 18 Coffee & Connections (30316)
Nov 30 SIG: These Are A Few Of My Favorite System Things (51216)
Dec 06 Unlocking Potential: Working Together to Solve Problems (42216)
Dec 07 Unlocking Potential: Working Together to Solve Problems (42216)
Dec 08 Unlocking Potential: Working Together to Solve Problems (42216)
Dec 08 Holiday Social (30116)
Dec 09 Unlocking Potential: Working Together to Solve Problems (42216)

Sharing Ideas Group

This year's focus is on helping the talent development community improve skills in the area of facilitation and instructional design. These chapter events are unique because participants learn concepts using self-discovery and hands-on activities. We encourage attendees to bring ideas to the group, to test new approaches, and to receive feedback from their peers. This is a great way to grow and improve. 

2016 sessions include: Icebreakers, Activities and Energizers, and Debriefing Strategies.

SIG events are free to ATD Buffalo Niagara members and are open to the public for a nominal non-member fee. It's a fantastic opportunity to learn from others in the field and to share your expertise. Come try out a new idea, we know you'll love it as much as we do! 

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